The unappreciated England

The unappreciated England

England is rich in monuments, sites, activities and culture. This country is one of the countries in the world with important historical monuments, castles, museums. Yet like in any other countries, there is a reality, which tourists do not appreciate.

For the local population, they do not have any other choice but accept or try to cope with it. Others may say it is not as important as the problems encountered in other countries, but still it has a more or less important impact from the point of view of tourists.

Which side of the country is it about here?

Traveling to England is something you have to prepare in advance. No matter where you go, there will always be worries and something that you may not necessarily appreciate. Regarding England, it is difficult to think that tourists find negative aspects during their stay there. Let's discover that sore point of England:

  •  The schedule of clubs: many tourists go to England to get away from their daily routines and to enjoy their stay to the fullest. However, their nightclubs often close at 11.00pm; bars and pubs are those that are available until the early morning.
  •  The rainy season: in December, it never stops raining, day and night, and that is what the population calls "the English climate". It is better not to travel to this country during the Christmas holidays.
  •  Too strict rules: it is obvious for visitors to respect the laws and principles in their host country. The rules imposed in England are so numerous that sometimes it becomes difficult to travel quietly especially if you travel by car.
  •  The cost of living: as it is a developed country, the price of products is high especially for tourists. It is necessary to prepare accordingly to visit the must-see places and avoid extra expenses for commotion.

How to face it?

Despite the above-mentioned problems that can negatively affect the passage in this wonderful place, tourists try to adapt and appreciate every moment there. It's the best way to avoid stress and have fun with your family, band or colleagues.

The most important issues include the high cost of living, the sometimes too strict rules, the difficulty in finding a good restaurant and access to health service – not only is it difficult to access it but the health centers are also in bad state.

It is important to know that and anticipate by preparing financially for example, bringing drugs and gathering all information in advance about the regulations you need to know.

Do not worry too much about that, fly to England!

You may encounter these problems while traveling to England, but this reality is not so serious. In addition, you are already aware therefore, you can cope with it.

Despite this, England has many beautiful places, prestigious cities with medieval and contemporary styles, various activities and several shopping malls and other places for all tastes. To help you, can present you every aspect of life in England, its charms as well as its flaws. That will help you prepare your stay in advance.

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