The english gastronomy and its surprises

The english gastronomy and its surprises

The english gastronomy and its surprises

England is a part of the United Kingdom. The other member countries of the U.K. are Wales and Scotland. The traditional meals are marked by the use of cheese in many recipes.

Bread is common in English meal. Side dishes are characterized by roasting meat or stewing meat. Vegetables are not cooked until soft; they are boiled instead to keep most nutrients. In addition, English people like to eat fish, which can derive from freshwater or from the sea.

English cuisine has been influenced by the ingredients from foreign countries like India, particularly in the use of curry. Curry chicken is among the most popular delicacies in England.

French, Chinese, Italian and Thai cuisines have also greatly influenced the English gastronomy. For instance, bread and cheese have been introduced into the English gastronomy from France. Discover the fine taste of the English cuisine with eDreams.

Rich in taste and calories

  •  Trifle: It is a popular English dessert. It is made if custard, cake, fruit like bananas, and jelly. It is also common to top it with fresh cream. To make trifles, bake a cake. Then, make some custard. To make the custard, mix 50 grams of custard powder with a liter of milk. Break in an egg. Mix all with a pack of fruit jelly. Simmer over medium heat. When it is cooked, remove it from the fire. Let the custard cool; and then add some sliced bananas. Mix well. Then, apply the custard onto the cake. Finally, add some fresh cream on top of the custard. You can sprinkle the cream with grated coconut, or with hazel nuts. Add a few strawberries on top of the cream to make it even tastier. It is a very rich dessert. 
  • Gingerbread: It is another typically English dish. It is made of flour, grated ginger, cloves, cinnamon and sweetener. Mix the flour and baking powder. Add some water and sugar into the mixture to make a dough. Flavor the dough with cinnamon powder or nutmeg. Add a few pieces of cloves for more flavor. Bake for 45 minutes in a medium heat oven. You can replace the sugar with honey. Serve the gingerbread with hot tea. 
  • Purée or mashed food: It is also popular in English gastronomy. It consists in cooking legumes or fruits until it is tender. Afterwards, they are blended in a blending machine to get a creamy texture. Pureed apples are common, and it is known as applesauce. As for legumes, it is more common to mash potatoes. They are sometimes called hummus. It is then mixed with fresh cream and it is cooked with sliced chicken. Mashed potatoes are served with bread or a little rice for a main dish. Other vegetables can be also mashed and served with bread and cheese.

How to plan a culinary vacation in England

If you want to enjoy the fine taste of English gastronomy, England is the best destination for your culinary experience. Travel to England and taste its surprising gastronomy in its renowned restaurants.

You can also go for a cooking lesson vacation in England. Choose your itinerary to different parts of England, and book a flight to the country by using the online travel agency eDreams. You can book your flight with your accommodation online for your convenience. It is also possible to book by phone through eDreams.

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