The english weather : not so bad

The english weather : not so bad

The english weather : not so bad

What's the weather like today in England? Would you say it is bad? In general, it is common knowledge that for most people, bad weather means an all-day heavy rain, or strong winds. Bad weather also means, the sun does not shine, which prevents them from successfully doing their daily activities.

However, in England, it is not the case. It is true that England has a tepid, marine climate. The temperature can vary significantly throughout the year, which makes the four seasons clearly divided. Read and learn that the English weather is not so bad at all.

Tepid, marine climate

The warmest months are from July to August with an average temperature of 20.6°C. The coldest months are December and January with a low of 1 or 2°C; while November and February are slightly warmer at 4°C. From August to November, the temperatures slowly drop from a high of 20°C to 9.9°C; whereas from March to June, the temperature rises from a low of 9.7°C to 18.5°C.

  •  England's heavy rainy season is from October to January.
  •  Light precipitation is from February to September.
  •  Snow falls from December to January.

Shorter period of rainfall

Heavy rain falls only from October to January. This means, just like in other countries, the rainy season lasts about four months.

It is common knowledge that the rest of the year is still wet. However, with the warm temperature, you always have the opportunity to see the sights and visit touristic places without having to bring an umbrella or a heavy raincoat and big boots!

Light snowfall

Due to its geographical location, heavy snowfall is not frequent in England. This means that the snowy season is not as cold as you might have thought.

  • Excellent summer time: Summer is the time when most people spend their holidays; that is from June to September. Summer in England is pretty warm, and dry. In fact summer time is not too hot, with a high temperature of 23°C or 73°F. It might still rain with a modest precipitation; however, you can swim at the pool. You can enjoy the long summer daylight in the park or at the beach.
  •  Warm spring, too: From March to May, the daylight is longer with a warm temperature. It may be a little rainy and windy. However, you can enjoy sightseeing and enjoy the view of the lush green landscape and hills which become green with the growing plants. Spring weather is not so bad that you can have a good time in the park with your family and friends.

What you need for an enjoyable trip to England

In short, England's weather is not as bad as people might think. The heavy rainy season lasts an average of four months, just like in any other country. In addition, heavy snowfall is not frequent due to the geographical location of the country. This means that you can perfectly have a good time if you visit England in the summer or in spring.

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